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Used Car Inspection

When buying a used vehicle, make sure you get the most for your hard earned dollar. Allow Clintonville Auto Repair Service (C.A.R.S.) to perform a Used Car Inspection on your potential new vehicle. Your car is very important to us, but even more important is for you to purchase a safe, reliable vehicle. We want you to get the most value out of any vehicle you purchase.

We offer three different options when it comes to evaluating used vehicles.

Option #1 is our RED PACKAGE
This is a very thorough inspection of the vehicles areas that most commonly need service.
Cost for Red Package is $115.00 all inclusive and takes between 90-120 minutes. This inspection includes:

  1. Visual exterior inspection for damage or missing parts.

  1. Visual interior inspection for damage or missing parts.
  2. Start car-note difficulties.
  3. Operate seat adjustment.
  4. Operate mirrors.
  5. Operate radio.
  6. Operate temperature controls, modes and blower.
  7. Check interior lights.
  8. Check gauges.
  9. Operate windows.
  10. Operate door locks.
  11. Operate wipers & washers.
  12. Check tilt steering.
  13. Check horn.
  14. Check seat belt operation.
  15. Check glove box/console door.
  16. Check for evidence of water leaks on floors.

  1. Check tire condition.
  2. Check front steering linkage.
  3. Check front & rear suspension.
  4. Check for leaks under vehicle.
  5. Check condition of exhaust.
  6. Check brake linings on all four wheels.
  7. Check shock absorbers or struts.
  8. Check frame or undercarriage for rust.
  9. Check for fuel leaks.
  10. Check drive train.

  1. Check exterior lights & turn signals.
  2. Check drive belts.
  3. Check all cooling system hoses.
  4. Visually check vacuum hoses.
  5. Visually check all spark plug wires.
  6. Remove two spark plugs and inspect, check compression on these cylinders.
  7. Check timing chain/belt if accessible.
  8. Inspect air filter.
  9. Visual check for underhood problems.
  10. Check all underhood fluid levels & report condition: Oil, Power Steering, Brake, Transmission , & Coolant.
  11. Check spare tire and jack.
  12. Look for evidence of water leaks in rear.

  1. Road test for overall operation.
  2. Check cruise control operation.
  3. Verify Speedometer and Odometer for correct working condition.


Option #2 is our WHITE PACKAGE
This is a thorough inspection of the computer, electrical, and Air Conditioning systems. It is suggested for higher mileage vehicles or those over 5 years old.
Cost for the White Package is $115.00 all inclusive and takes between 90-120 minutes. This inspection includes:
  1. Road test for overall operation.
  2. Check for computer codes and document.
  3. Check all emission/performance related sensors to assure vehicle operating in proper ranges.
  4. Check a/c engagement, performance and vent temperature.
  5. Check cruise control operation.
  6. Check battery, starter load and alternator output.
  7. Remove two(2) spark plugs and check compression on those cylinders.
Option #3 is our BLUE PACKAGE
This package consists of checking individual cylinder leakage on the engine.  This test will give us an idea of how well the combustion chamber in the engine is sealing.  The time for this test varies based on how the engine is configured so please call to get an estimate on both the time and cost.
****Combine the RED & WHITE packages and save $20.00!!